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We are offering Computer Programming during the summer and not during the 12-13 school year.


This course runs from June 1 – August 10, 2012.

In order to receive credit for the course, you must take all of the quizzes and adhere to the quizzing schedule below. Any student that misses two or more quizzes will be failed. If you are failed from the course, you will need to return your computer at the next scheduled office hours.

This course is mixed online and face-to-face. You will need to attend office hours in order to get feedback, take quizzes, and design projects. You are not required to attend all office hours. It is assumed that you will watch my screencasts, use the examples on Processing.org, and experiment in order to get the basic information, the classroom is really not the best setting for learning programming.

This course is meant to replicate the experience of a semester-long course in computer programming. You will earn 2.0 credits. You will spend most of your time outside of the classroom debugging on your own. I will provide screencasts, feedback, and project ideas.

You may drop anytime before the first day of class (June 1)

Your athletic eligibility is affected by your grade in this course.

Quizzing Schedule:

There are 8 quizzes for the course. The quizzes will be graded by standards (i.e. by idea, not quiz). Quizzes will cover material from the past and present. Old scores will be covered up by new scores. Think of quizzes as formal feedback about your progress where proficiency is only to be reached after a few tries.

This list may be changed at any time.

  • Quizzes 1-2 must be completed on or before June 22nd
    • Quiz 1: Variable Types, User Input (Processing)
    • Quiz 2: Logic, Loops, and previous standards
  • Quizzes 3-4 must be completed on or before July 13th
    • Quiz 3: Arrays/ArrayLists, Custom Function, and previous standards
    • Quiz 4: Objects Construction, Object Methods, and previous standards
  • Quizzes 5-6 must be completed on or before July 27th
    • Quiz 5: Object Usage and previous standards
    • Quiz 6: Basic Computer Anatomy and previous standards
  • Quizzes 7-8 must completed on or before August 10th
    • Quiz 7: Previous standards
    • Quiz 8: Previous standards


You must choose whether you will take the course pass-fail or for a letter grade by June 1st. Pass > 75%. Letter-grading scale = standard decade delineations.

Your grade will be based on your ability to master the basic concepts of programming. Here’s a tentative list of the standards for the course:

This list may change at any time.

  • Variable types (floats, ints, char, string, booleans etc…)
  • User Input (mouse & keyboard) [Processing]
  • Logic (if/else)
  • Loops (for, while, etc…)
  • Arrays and ArrayLists
  • Custom Functions/Methods
  • Object Construction
  • Object Methods
  • Object Usage
  • Basic Computer Anatomy

All standards are scored out of ten. Each quiz will cover more than one standard.

Programming projects do not impact your grade and are intended as practice, you may do as many, as few, or create however many you wish.


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