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“The Book”


Basic Tutorials

Generalized Topics

Working in 3D

Alphabetical list of structures and commands

Answer Keys:

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Quiz 3

Quiz 4

Cornally Screencasts:

Sorry about all the mic buzzing. I’m working on it.


Built-in Funtcions

The API and Ellipse

Integers and Floats (Longs and Doubles)

Making Decisions: if, else, and operators

Basic Loops (For and While)

Simple Prime Number Visualizer (Loops) – code

Loops and Arrays (Yarn Art)

User input (mouse and keyborad)

Multi-key Keyborad input (arrays)

Custom Functions (i.e. Methods)

Pong – Video 1: Set up the ball on the screen

Pong – Video 2: Make the ball move

Pong – Video 3: Make the ball “bounce” in 1D

Pong – Video 4: Make the paddle

Pong – Video 5: Make it a 2D game!

Pong – Video 6: The power of object-oriented programming!

Ghosts – Video 1: Getting the character to move. (keyboard input)

Ghosts – Video 2: Getting the ghosts to chase the character.

Ghosts – Video 3: Freezing the ghosts when you look at them (a la Super Mario)

Ghosts – Video 4: Finishing Touches – Code – Font (you’ll need to put the font in the “data” folder in the appropriate project folder.)

ArrayLists – Popping Dots – Video 1

ArrayLists – Popping Dots – Video 2 – .add()

ArrayLists – Popping Dots – Video 3 – .get() and .remove() – CODE

Classes and Objects: Lightsaber – Video 1 – Constructors and Fields

Classes and Objects: Lightsaber – Video 2 – Specific Constructors

Classes and Objects: Lightsabers – Video 3 – Additional Methods

Classes and Objects: Lightsabers – Video 4 – Using the class and interacting with it

Computer Anatomy – Video 1 – Binary, Transistors, and Neurons!

Computer Anatomy – Video 2 – Hard Disk Drives

Computer Anatomy – Video 3 – RAM

Inertial Asteroids Game

Other Resources:

FunProgramming Screencasts (not affiliated with the SCSD, not responsible for content)


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